Made from precision machined aircraft-grade aluminum, the Ronin offers the durability to withstand rugged use on set and meets the high demand for reliability.

Once your camera is configured, the Ronin can be ready to shoot in as little as 5 minutes, saving time and increasing efficiency on set. The built-in ATS (Auto Tune Stability) technology intelligently tunes Ronin to your camera rig at the touch of a button.

This gimbal can carry up to 16lbs, so you can use cameras from the GH4 to a fully built RED Epic or Scarlet, with focus control and wireless video.

Can be used as a single or dual operator.

Can be used along with our Easy Rig, for less operator fatigue. Our Easyrig has the Serene arm instaled.

DJI Ronin, 3 axis stabilizer

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