A mount/Nikon mount lenses

8mm Rokinon fish eye f3.5

24mm Rokinon speed prime f1.4

35mm Rokinon speed prime f1.4

50mm Sigma Art speed prime f1.4

85mm Rokinon speed prime f1.4

24mm Rokinon Tilt-Shift f3.5

11-16 Tokina Zoom f2.8

12-24 Tokina Zoom f4.0

18-35 Sigma Art f1.8 superspeed zoom

24-70 Tokina Zoom f2.8

17-50 Tamron Zoom f2.8

80-200 Nikkor Zoom f2.8

All lenses have a standard 80mm front with 77mm screw in filter thread.

Also available:

- 77mm Screw in full diopter set

- 77mm Screw in ND filter set


These lenses can be used either as standard Nikon mount lenses or as "A Mount" lenses, that will fit directly onto the Allstar "A Mount" on the RED Epic and Scarlet bodies.

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